A little about our founders.

Bibliophilic Excursions was founded by two sisters- one a lawyer and one a professor. As children, growing up in the Oakland, CA, and East Bay Area, when we couldn't travel or do something new, our mom encouraged us to travel through a book. From then on, each of us has fostered a passion for the unique opportunity for adventure you can find in a book. 

We started Bibliophilic Excursions for two reasons: we wanted to disrupt e-readers by making reading with real books an all-encompassing experience and we wanted to help foster tolerance by introducing people to cultures around the world. Along the way, we found that the most rewarding part of the business is receiving thank you notes from local artisans from all around the world. We realized that we could continue to help local entrepreneurs by introducing their products to a customer base in the United States. 

In 2020, we feel that so much conflict in the world is based on our inability as human beings to understand one another. We hope, that by introducing our customers to relatable cultural struggles, strong heroines, towering historical figures, and great stories, that we can inspire everyone in our little corner of the world to be just a little better to one another.

Thanks for visiting our website! We would be delighted to take you on any of our excursions with us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our curation of each theme. If it's not your cup of tea, we understand. Please pass on the word and please check out how you can give back.