Bibliophilic Excursions is not just an adventure, but a lifestyle. We're dedicated to giving back to local and global communities. Your purchase helps us make the world a better place through books. Scroll down to see all the ways we are committed to giving back.

Oakland Literacy Coalition

A love of reading can and should be fostered from elementary school age. In Oakland, CA  only 14% of African American elementary school students are reading their grade level. The California average for reading proficiency by the fourth grade is 32% for all students while the national average is 34%. These statistics indicate a failure by all of us to support future generations of readers, professionals, inventors, and educators. Many students in urban areas do not have access to books or even someone to read to them. We're getting involved by donating our time and culturally responsive books for elementary school children. Join us in Oakland, CA by following the link below or find your local Children's Book Project. 

Join Us!

Local Artisans

When we started this business, we knew that we wanted to bring the world to your doorstep through locally-made handicrafts and books. We couldn't have imagined all of the thoughtful letters we would receive from around the world would become one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. Many local artisans do not have a simple access point to customers in the United States. Some of our larger orders can make a considerable impact on the life of our sources and on their greater communities. By including them in our boxes, we hope to introduce them to you and to your friends. Each of our Signature Journeys now comes with information on some of the highlighted local artisans included in the box like beautiful, handpainted alebrijes from Mexico made by (left). Help us help them by spreading the word around or considering them for a gift.


Holiday Giving

Bibliophilic Excursions is a small family business and, through our business, we're carrying on a family tradition of using the holidays to spread a little warmth and joy where we can outside of just ourselves. Each year, we choose an organization to team up with that fits our mission and responds to timely and pressing global concerns. We'll even include a donation note in our holiday gifts so your recipient can receive something for them and give to another all at the same time. Check our social media for details or send us an email.