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Buh Bye 2020! Hello, 2021!

2020 brought us unprecedented wildfires in our home state of California; historic (according to the history professor) protests against racial disparities in policing and society-at-large; a contentious presidential election, oh and a global pandemic. Our international shipments were stuck at customs for months at a time during shutdowns or undeliverable during the fires and protests. So, as the sky rained ashes and turned orange as if we awoke on Mars, we answered as many emails and social media messages as we possibly could from wanderlust readers seeking their adventure in a box. Through this process, we got to know many of our customers. We discussed decolonizing our bookshelves and pandemic reading lists. We even swapped comfort recipes with one of our kind Canadian excursion members. Then, as the holiday season hit us like a hurricane, California and New York (where our books are typically shipped from) were both heading into another shutdown with record COVID-19 cases and the USPS was experiencing a crippling volume increase that left packages on trucks without even being processed into warehouses for weeks at a time. We headed to every local bookstore, working with them instead of New York publishers to get out our Christmas gift orders as quickly as possible. Then, we put on our fuzzy reading socks, made hot chocolate, and watched our holiday packages make their way across the country and the world. 

A huge thank you to all of our local bookstores! You saved Christmas for the book elves at Bibliophilic Excursions! 

-Books, Inc.

-Green Apple Books

-East Bay Booksellers

-Pegasus Books

-A Good Great Place

-B Street Books (We love the owner in Hayward though San Mateo is a nice shop as well)

-Marcus Books

-Moe's Books

-Walden Pond Books

-Browser Books

Please consider patronizing your own neighborhood shops or order from one of the stores on our list through Bookshop.org. I'm not sure about you, but we don't want bookstores to become another casualty of the pandemic!

As we reflect on all the obstacles of the year, we cannot help but remain immensely appreciative of each of our customers. Your comments, feedback, and gracious patience kept us going this year when we wanted to give up under the unique weight of 2020. We're now busy making some major improvements to our products. Expect amazing new features along with the same great literary destinations in 2021! Check back here or find us on social media for news.

-The Team at Bibliophilic Excursions