We have three subscription options, custom curated boxes, and holiday specials. 

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The Signature Journey

Our Signature Journey is our most popular subscription package. We take you around the world through books, handmade items, and cultural snacks. Read about the ancient Yakuza while tending to your very own tabletop zen garden. Learn Icelandic myths while tasting delicious caramel chocolate straight from Reykjavík. We send you two books (one nonfiction and one fiction) that characterize the history, literary tradition(s), politics, and/or culture of the destination country. Additionally, we include 5-8 items from the destination country. We even include our sourcing information and we choose one nonprofit in case you want to support local artisans or global initiatives. Check out our past boxes or our social media for more information.


Ladies At Lunch

Find your heroines and their harrowing adventures with our hand-picked collection of daring, enterprising, headstrong and courageous women. Each month, be introduced to a new laudable lady through a novel or biography. Is she a writer? A detective? A professor? A lawyer? Find out this month! Each box also includes empowering or relaxing additions.



Mystery & Mixology

One of our favorite excursions is to curl up in a reading chair and sink deep into a mystery novel with a fancy cocktail in hand. Now, you can take your own adventure as an armchair detective! 

Our Mystery & Mixology excursions include one mystery novel and all the fixings to make a classy cocktail. Except for the alcohol! We can't send that in the mail! Who do you think we are?

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Signature Gift Boxes

Are you looking for a book-themed gift box for your friend or family member? Good news! The Bibliophilic Excursions Signature Gift Basket is just the right gift- a custom curated gift basket for the price of a bouquet of flowers. We use our expertise and your description of the recipient to design a gift box made especially for your friend, colleague, or loved one around the special occasion of your choosing. We even include a card with your personal message. The Novelette edition of each box comes with 1 text and 2 gift items for $49. The Best-Seller edition of each box comes with 2 books and 3 gift items for $79. The Encyclopedia edition of each box includes 2 premium books and 4 premium themed goods for $99. Our Gift Boxes are perfect for every occasion including birthdays, graduations, get well soon, new family editions, etc. We've themed our boxes around just about everything so whether it's your friend who never misses a BLM rally or your coworker who insists she was a mermaid in a past life, we can create a package that they will love and you can feel great about giving.

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Holiday Specials

Here at Bibliophilic Excursions, we love family, good food, and a day off work. And what's a holiday without a good book? Our popular Christmas Specials offer you three levels of winter, comfort, and holiday joy. Follow our social media or check out our shop for our newest Holiday Specials.


Special Destinations

We're all about fun here at Bibliophilic Excursions. So, every now and then (about every 6 months), we offer special destinations, a creative version of our Signature Journey that is sure to tickle your hobby bone. Past special destinations have included Space (featuring a Neil deGrasse Tyson and space food), The Garden (featuring a garden murder mystery and a grow kit), and the Bookstore (featuring a bookkeeper's memoir and bookish goods). Check our shop for what's currently available.

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Leftover Books and Items

Looking for a blind date with a book or a book-themed tote? You've come to the right place.

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